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Paw to God

A ten-minute play

Two dogs contemplate immortality .

First draft: 11/2021

The Screening Room

A ten-minute play

Shortly after dying, Cora learns she will watch a movie based on her life before she goes on to whatever is next.

Final draft: 10/2021

The Award

A one-minute play

A son visits his mother at a nursing home to give her a special award.

Final draft: 1/2022

Carry That Weight

A ten-minute play

Jude and Prudence are sorting their late father's attic when they find a cellphone with an unusual power, and makes Jude reevaluate his relationship with his father.

First draft: 12/2021

Heaven Forbid

A ten-minute drama

Phil arrives in Heaven where he can have almost anything he wants in order to spend the rest of eternity in bliss. However, one small exception makes him question if it is really the paradise he thought it was.

First draft: 12/2021

The Fifth Day

A ten-minute comedy

Yahweh and Lucy (who hates his nickname), decide what to make next after creating the world. They end up on something called "You-mans" and find it a huge mistake.

Final draft: 4/2021


A one-act play

An updated, non-musical retelling of Brigadoon, based on the original German short story that inspired the Broadway hit.

Final draft: 2/2021

Drive My Car

A ten-minute play

Zara discovers her Uber is being driven by remotely by a guy named Jeff thousands of miles away, and who is a little unfocused.

First draft: 6/2021

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