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One Minute Plays

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David is through with people not saying Chanukah correctly or hearing Sammy Davis Jr. on the speakers at the big box stores.

A jealous horror writer attempts to get rid of his competition through the only way he knows how.

A woman from the future and a man from the past talk about time travel in the present.

Dog and Cat Have a Chat

Two household pets discuss their relationship with each other.

God wakes up from a coma to find things not exactly how he left them



Two vampires discuss what to have for dinner.

You'd be surprised who receives your thoughts and prayers.

Jack Reacher takes on the coronavirus.

A one-minute play from the point-of-view of the coronavirus.

Karen and Becky don't like that you can't say "Merry Christmas" anymore without someone ending up feeling offended.

Pennywise the Clown and Kurt Barlow talk about the downsides of being two of the most popular villains in horror.

A dad talks to another parent about his son performing ballet instead of doing a sport.

Pandora's Box

A grandchild and her grandfather discuss how the world ended.

Two dads at a pumpkin-flinging competition try to think of words that rhyme with orange.

A husband and wife do not see eye to eye about how much he naps.

Social distancing can sometimes get you to thinking too much.

Do stories need a point? One writer contemplates this question.

Why should you agree with someone you know is wrong?

Children's book character Waldo feels lost, but maybe psychotherapy can help him feel. found again.

David visits Doreen in the nursing home to give her an award that means different things to each of them.

Welcome to the game show that asks people "What's your problem?"

Sorry, Wrong Order

A man at a coffee shop is mistaken for a regular customer.

Two vampires discuss what to have for dinner.

In Multiverse 282, things are not in harmony.

Two friends promise to marry each other if they're both single by their 25th high school reunion.

A one-minute play of tableaus (no speaking) of a family's progression over a period of quarantining.

Ten(ish) Minute Plays

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Oliver and Alma are never supposed to be together, even though Fate brings them close to it several times. But The Matchmaker tells them, that even though they're soulmates, there's a greater reason for their missed romances. It just takes them their whole lives to learn what it is.

George takes his girlfriend Rene, an art lover, to a new exhibit on Magritte, but as he begins to explain the meanings behind several paintings, their subjects -- including the artist himself! -- have their own opinions on his interpretations. ARTISTIC LICENSE explores the idea of how art is seen, discussed, and why it matters.

Adam & Eve (and Steve)

It's only been one day since Adam and Eve were created, and they're already bored. So God creates Steve, which adds some excitement and new problems to the Garden of Eden.

Betty receives a Valentine's Day card from her soon-to-be ex-husband, which complicates their already complex relationship. Fortunately, her teen daughter Lexie helps her understand the nature of love is not always as tricky as they seem.

Amber's brother and mother disappeared five years ago, but now they have suddenly returned, throwing her newfound life into disarray. As they discuss what's happened, they all realize what has been lost.

Now that the hurly-burly is done, the three weird sisters aren't quite sure what to do next, but scones figure somewhere into their plan.

The Choice

Two parents must make a difficult decision that could save their child's life.

Two old men discuss love over a cup of coffee and donut.

James is worried his son doesn't like Billy Joel, and his mind starts to spiral out of control at all the implications.

A pothole named Bertha blows out Travis's tire, and while waiting for the tow truck, he meets Christy -- a woman who patrols that particular stretch of highway hoping to help people get over the bumps in their life.

It's the final night of Hanukkah, and the eight candles (as well as their leader. Shamas) gather together to talk about the meaning of the holiday.

A fun, family-appropriate comedy for schools, religious organizations, or community theatres!

Freddie is visiting his father in the hospital in what is likely his final hours. His twin, Davis, shows up, which brings a long-buried family tragedy to light that -- with the help of a friendly nurse -- helps all three men understand the unconditional love that ties them together.

Beau has kidnapped a man and tied him up in a cheap motel room. When he comes to, he is presented with a difficult choice that will forever effect one of their lives, as well as those of the people around them.

Monica and Ryan are breaking up at a New York City bus stop, when they are interrupted by a Don Quixote-like visitor who serves as their impromptu therapist.

Maddy, recently deceased, finds her grieving husband dealing with her loss in an unusual way, but due to the laws of physics, she can't go on to the next place anytime soon.

Jude and Prudence are cleaning out the attic of their recently-departed father, when they discover a ringing cell phone in a box. The person on the other end of it causes Jude to confront the trauma of his past so that he can finally move on.

Inspired by a story on "This American Life."

The Screening Room

Inspired by the Edward Hopper painting, "New York Movie," Cora discovers that, upon entering Heaven, she will need to watch the movie of her life, reliving the best and worst moments. The usher, Angela, has seen too many terrible lives play out on screen, but the two women somehow discover a way to find hope even in the face of death.

On the sixth day, God created humans. Boy, was that a mistake.

A ten-minute play that takes place simultaneously on Scott and Heather's first and last date.

A couple about to divorce argues over who gets to keep a pillow.

You'll never guess what an airline's latest fee is, in this ten minute comedy.

Runa and Gunnar are enjoying an espresso at the foot of an Icelandic volcano that's about to erupt. When Sigrun pleads with them to leave in order to avoid impending disaster, the two friends hesitate in their departure for a reason that addresses the beauty in danger.

Andrew and Robyn await the birth of their children but discuss the fears of becoming a new parent and the sudden, sometimes frightening and unwelcome change that the baby brings.

Rita and Dale first met each other on a dating site where you can't see the others' face. But when they finally meet in person, there's more than one surprise in store.

Bianca is thrilled that her high school sweetheart, Artie, has returned home from the war, but as she hopes their conversation on her front porch will be about their future, he can't help but be stuck on his past.

Inspired by the painting "Summer Evening" by Edward Hopper

When Phil dies and goes to Heaven, he realizes he can have anything he wants except one thing, which will make the rest of eternity a lot different than he hoped.

Drive My Car

The first AI-driving Uber has arrived, and it takes Zara for a ride in more ways than one.

Two dogs discuss life and death and why humans are immortal.

A shapeshifter keeps changing his body to get more dates with his dream woman.

Join Helen as she video chats with four single men during the quarantine. She soon learns that social distancing might not be so bad after all!

The average human brain continues to function for 10 minutes after the heart stops. What happens then? Why, God's favorite game show, which will decide the destination of your eternal soul!

One Act Plays

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Based on the tale by The Brothers Grimm 

Three brothers are kicked out of their home and return years later with a magical item to prove their worth. One of the Brothers Grimm's strangest stories, told in a fabulously-fractured new way.

A one-act nonmusical version based on the short story that inspired the musical Brigadoon.

A young man, out exploring the countryside, encounters a magical village that appears for only one day every one hundred years. As he gets to know its inhabitants he must face the decision to stay in this wrinkle in the fabric of time, or return to his obligations in the outside world.

Based on the short story "The Ambitious Guest" by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

A family is trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm, so the Father tells a tale about another family who had been in that same cabin decades before during a similar Nor'Easter and was visited by a mysterious guest.

A talk show in the near-distant future travels back in time to interview guests 24 hours before they die. Host Wally Langdon interviews Andy Burns, a retired bus driver, who goes through the stages of grief before righting his life before it's too late. This is the second play in the Commercium series.

An old friend visits the bartender of a saloon in the Wild West with a generous offer, but old grudges soon lead to a bloody climax.

Peter Donohue learns of a special service where his late wife can be returned to him, but first, he must make an appropriate donation. Peter will confront what he's capable of, as well as some truths about his marriage best left uncovered. This is the first play in the Commercium series.

Radio Plays

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Conger is sent back in time to assassinate a religious leader named The Founder before his rise to power.

Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick

The first episode in the nine-part adaptation of Maurice LeBlanc's premiere collection following the "gentleman burglar."

Lupin has been reported to be on board a trans-Atlantic steamer, but who is he, and will the passengers identify him before they arrive in New York and he makes off with their jewels?

An interstellar rescue crew crashes on an alien planet after being shot down by an AI-controlled gun. They try to find answers to what controls the gun and how to leave the planet safely.

Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick.

The second episode of 9 in all-new radio plays based on the original collection of the gentleman-burglar!

After his capture in New York, Lupin has been returned to the Sante Prison, but passes the time by planning an art heist of the Baron Cahorn. How will Lupin -- secured behind the walls of the prison -- pull off the crime?

Ed Loyce sees a man hanging from a telephone pole, but no one else seems to be worried about it. In a harrowing 24 hours, Loyce comes to understand the truth behind this mystery, and its greater implications that stretch throughout human history.


Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick.

The third episode in the nine-part adaptation of Maurice LeBlanc's premiere collection following the "gentleman burglar."

Lupin has promised his escape from The Sante when he is ready, and as his trial date nears, people wonder if he will be able to pull it off. When his time in court occurs, is the man seated at the defense table really Lupin, and if not, who is he?

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